Healthcare Data Management & Integration

ALLOY Platform for Healthcare can enable your healthcare organization to transform complex data into actionable insights.

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Healthcare data management and integration for the evolving healthcare environment

Continually evolving regulations, increasing data volume and complexity, as well as movement towards value-based care, create healthcare data management challenges for everyone in the healthcare industry. Health systems and healthcare providers require tools that enable healthcare data integration in order to achieve interoperability, improve care coordination, and enhance patient outcomes while also maintaining or lowering costs.

Big data – large volumes of clinical data collected for every patient-provider contact – offers the opportunity to use data to support clinical and operational changes that improve patient outcomes. Healthcare data management – more specifically, healthcare data integration – is the key to optimizing the value of data collected in electronic health records (EHRs) by enabling data analytics that apply to the entire care continuum. A comprehensive view of patient care, outcomes related to different treatments, and costs associated with each treatment and outcome, leads to development of improved best practices and enhanced care for all patients.

Liaison ALLOY™ Platform for Healthcare is more than data management software. ALLOY Platform for Healthcare connects, integrates, aggregates and harmonizes large volumes of patient data from any number of sources — enabling healthcare organizations to transform complex, disparate data into actionable insights and achieve interoperability goals quickly and cost-effectively.

As healthcare models change, health networks expand and the number of healthcare data sources increases, the need for healthcare data management outside an organization’s internal resources grows. Because ALLOY Platform for Healthcare provides a managed service solution, healthcare organizations can experience comprehensive healthcare data integration with no need to replace legacy systems or divert information technology staff resources from critical day-to-day operations. With a secure, compliant cloud-based platform and innovative Data Platform as a Service (dPaaS) model, healthcare organizations can leverage their data assets to improve care.

Highlights of healthcare data management and integration solution:

"Treatment errors are dramatically reduced and quality of healthcare can be vastly improved"

Liaison's partnership has been invaluable to our mission.
Innovative healthcare integration solutions like Liaison's
are driving improvements in the quality of care."

- Carmen Hughes
National Center for Primary Care

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