OpenText ALLOY® Platform

OpenText ALLOY® Platform

Drive new business insights with ALLOY’s revolutionary approach to integration and data management

Conceived from the ground up to address today’s technology disruptors, ALLOY is a next generation cloud platform for solving today’s integration and data management challenges.

Put ALLOY to Work for You

Integrate everything

Tackle all patterns of integration: A2A, B2B/EDI, cloud services, ETL, hybrid, and MFT

Extend your EAI/ESB investment

Balance the need for minimal disruptions and maximum cost savings by gradually migrating your legacy EAI/ESB integration operations to ALLOY’s modern architecture

Ease your compliance burden

Take your integration operations out of scope of stringent compliance standards such as PCI DSS or HIPAA when you move to ALLOY’s certified platform, which also offers tokenization

Manage your data

Consolidate, cleanse, and enrich data coming from any number of disparate sources

Redirect scarce IT resources

Leverage Liaison’s managed services and free your IT resources to focus on more strategic initiatives

Drive new business insights

Organically grow a repository of quality data to identify new market opportunities, improve efficiency and gain a competitive advantage

ALLOY’s Modular Architecture


The ALLOY platform is built upon microservices architecture to elegantly address varying degrees of complexity, customization, and power.


Any-to-any integration layer

  • Integrates, transforms and transmits data between any two application end points
  • Supports all patterns of integration: A2A, B2B/EDI, cloud services, ETL, hybrid, and MFT
  • Applies complex pre- and post-processing rules for data cleansing and enrichment

Data management layer

  • Employs big data technology for large-scale computing and storage
  • Persists metadata and payload data in central repository (data lake)
  • Manages writing and reading of data through APIs
  • Materializes data on demand through schema-on-read technology

Data visibility layer

  • Offers real-time window into other two modules via Web dashboard
  • Monitors activities such as data flow, integration status, and payload profile
  • Provides launching point from which to view and report on the data model
  • Integrates seamlessly with leading third-party reporting tools

dPaaS: The First of Its Kind

ALLOY embodies a new approach to integration called Data Platform as a Service (dPaaS). dPaaS is a cloud integration and data management model named for its ability to provide PaaS functionality at the point of data analysis—without encumbering users with the particulars of the underlying data capture, integration, or management mechanics.


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