Life Sciences

ALLOY Health connects large volumes of data between disparate sources— data that is high-quality, reliable and ready to be modeled and analyzed.

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Drive commercial insights through innovative data-centric approaches

Liaison’s ALLOY™ Health connects large volumes of data between disparate sources; integrates it to flow smoothly between applications; aggregates it across sources; and harmonizes it to be consistent and easy to use. Data from any number of sources—internal or external, structured or unstructured—can be woven together for analysis and modeling. Combining information from electronic health records, public health data, organizational financial and sales reports, research partners and social sources provides insights into product performance, consumer behavior and opportunities for new products or markets.

Major changes in the business, biomedical and regulatory environments, along with downward pressure on prices, rising costs and a more complicated global business environment make it imperative to shorten cycle times and reduce costs. In addition to collaboration among clinical researchers for product development, a clear picture of sales cycles and marketing programs is also critical to success in a competitive market.

Liaison’s ALLOY™ Health supports a faster time-to-market by enabling access to disparate, previously siloed data. Not just the right data where and when you need it—but data that is high quality and reliable, including meaningful context, ready to be modeled and analyzed.