Electronic Invoicing (E-Invoicing) Solutions

Reach new levels of process automation and quality with Liaison’s data-inspired e-invoicing solutions

Solution Highlights

100% Invoice Automation

Through a single connection to Liaison’s cloud, automate the handling of any invoice format or channel your industry, applications, or trading partners throw at you, from EDI to OpenPEPPOL to paper—and more.

Real-Time Monitoring

Gain real-time visibility into the invoice data you send and receive with Liaison’s web-based business activity monitoring tool. You can also configure notifications for fast response to process exceptions.

Cross-Border Compliance

As an active member in international forums such as EESPA and OpenPEPPOL, Liaison provides a compliance option in over 50 countries to meet the legal requirements for signing and archiving e-invoices in both source and destination countries.

Significant Savings

Achieve up to 80% cost savings as compared to traditional paper-based invoice processing through Liaison’s economies of scale.

Invoice Data Management

Take advantage of Liaison’s integrated data management capabilities to validate and enrich invoice data, or share data with analytics tools for deeper accounts payable and receivable insights.

Integration Expertise

Address other integration challenges in addition to e-invoicing, from end-to-end supply chain integration to hybrid application integration, with Liaison’s extensive integration expertise.

Discover how the Liaison ALLOY™ Platform delivers cutting-edge e-invoicing

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The time for retaining data in silos and sub-optimizing your power to use it is over. Unlike your typical electronic invoicing software, our e-invoicing solutions, which are delivered as managed services and built on the Liaison ALLOY™ Platform, unify integration and data management in the cloud, bringing all your data together for invoice process optimization. Welcome to the data-inspired future of invoicing.

As we sat around the table openly discussing how to design this new process to meet our global supply chain needs, it became clear early on that Liaison Technologies’ knowledge and expertise would be invaluable. Throughout the project, Liaison’s guidance was crucial for ensuring that our focus remained on track.

Lars Holmström,
program manager, Sandvik Mining and Construction

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Looking for one of our specialized B2B products?

In addition to the tailored e-invoicing solutions we design and deliver from ALLOY, Liaison also offers specialized B2B products.


Easy-to-use web EDI solution that helps hubs bring even their smallest trading partners into compliance.

Network (VAN)

Liaison Exchange Network is the highest-ranked VAN (value added network) in the industry.


A web-based portal that enables global buyers and suppliers to electronically trade in an efficient, consistent manner.


Web-based order processing, fulfillment, and invoicing management.

Why stop at B2B integration?

Liaison can consolidate all your integration activities on our future-proof cloud platform.

Application Integration

Integrate operational data in real time among your enterprise's many applications—whether residing on premises or in the cloud.

Managed File Transfer (MFT)

Centralize and standardize file transfer activity across your extended enterprise.

Lab/EMR Integration

Incorporate lab orders and results into your clinic's EHR workflow.